Terms of Service

This follow terms are made to guarantee the safety of our clients and ensure everything goes smoothly

#1 After purchasing / buying from us expect a email from us whitin 10-60mins if not contact us in our support (if you don't contact us on time we may not be able to provide/restore your funds)

#2 Our products are 100% clean and not stolen/ optained through any fraudulent method so any impact on your account will not be from our side hence we will not be responsible for what happens

#3 by all means avoid abusing glitches / bugs you may find in the site abusing such will get you instantly banned from our service if you discover a bug kindly report it to us ASAP.

#4 we do not provide a refund unless there is a unexpected issue with your order.

Notes: we do not cover the robux taxes for sales under 40$, we will never dm you for support all the support will be from site WE WILL NEVER DM YOU FIRST ON DISCORD (you can dm the owner only the owner for inquires and business related matters) this discord server is only for news and updates

🌐 cheaprbx.com (https://lightbux.sellpass.io is also our site infact it's our main site while the other is just a redirect.)


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